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All you have to do is enter your Zcash address and solve the captcha! Then find more Zcash faucets at FaucetDump.
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Address Claim Type
t1dG4FZqgxLCFJJMcM8JVVkeF... 0.00000030 Claim
t1dNdAHi7qXh9mrF9XZctE73N... 0.00000003 Referral
t1fAAxuUR1JtQstsxuZhqNReF... 0.00000030 Claim
t1TUQ5sqCzX9dJydd5kM2zKdJ... 0.00000004 Referral
t1QtFTrKThDspodUfjQKYH8c7... 0.00000040 Claim
t1LfpRqoT3kkwa5Soy8qqq4Dv... 0.00000040 Claim
t1Z8DHLvRUrDAHEMqpd6koKbJ... 0.00000004 Referral
t1Ugu12GES7EjBYoNbQmrRb6b... 0.00000040 Claim
t1YxjkCynSe6S5Q9CHucjmdv9... 0.00000030 Claim
t1SMkw4TMVJ2HcsGPrpzWxU8s... 0.00000040 Claim


Address Total Claimed
t1NHALLHaxAfJ98nYgLZTLDgG... 0.05187210
t1TUQ5sqCzX9dJydd5kM2zKdJ... 0.04872909
t1RygsTWS9bWFCRpZTZmQEog9... 0.00519680
t1fAAxuUR1JtQstsxuZhqNReF... 0.00486970
t1PpNYQ1VHndBnDMZGDgDYuyi... 0.00432290
t1Lofs3kWvEZBsJ4BxgtjK1jK... 0.00397660
t1cTijGjDTpEMG2vCgF1nzcPG... 0.00384100
t1h7vfFD3KQPTMMwy2AT9JTuh... 0.00372420
t1N1M5qPPuHnX71t3qyeA45dv... 0.00370550
t1diy2jeTpsimYUqYEVXEvpE3... 0.00359490


Date Address Sent Status TxID
12-Oct-2017 18:51:30 t1fg5ETQExzvLSB... 0.00071790 ZEC Complete 1d0abfca57c59f3...
11-Oct-2017 21:51:26 t1gc5hsdjYP3RqW... 0.00062380 ZEC Complete 0230bb6a79183cd...
7-Oct-2017 19:56:15 t1ZNDWfXpUGmSDX... 0.00056900 ZEC Complete 6da4a7056b8d246...
6-Oct-2017 10:12:40 t1chAVwFr7oBCw7... 0.00066540 ZEC Complete ee0dcfd991186e7...
6-Oct-2017 05:58:57 t1NqDaZnxNkbkcX... 0.00111290 ZEC Complete 0e43aeb33be8611...

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions.

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The protocol was launched in October 2016 and is based on peer-reviewed cryptographic research, and built by a security-specialized engineering team on an open source platform based on Bitcoin Core's battle-tested codebase.
If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https. Zcash offers total payment confidentiality, while still maintaining a decentralized network using a public blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash transactions can be shielded to hide the sender, recipient, and value of all transactions on the blockchain. Only those with the correct view key can see the contents. Users have complete control and can opt-in to provide others with their view key at their discretion. Zcash transactions do not depend on the cooperation of other parties.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Zcash can be mined and is even profitable using only a CPU or GPU.

The best way to mine Zcash is to join a mining pool. ZCashFaucet.Info recommends MinerGate as they have low fees and a easy to use software solution which can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once. No computer or industry knowledge is needed, just download the software, click the 'AutoMine' button and MinerGate will starting mining the coin that has been the most profitable over the previous hour!

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Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into cash or are just looking to make cash off cryptocurrency trading, ZCashFaucet.Info recommends Changelly as they have low fees and a simple, clean trading interface. They have loads of cryptocurrencies available to trade directly into Bitcoin, USD, Euros and Pound Sterling. It couldn't be easier to start trading like a pro!